About Us

The name of the company is “VIDYAADHARA EDUCATION FOUNDATION”. The registered office of the company is situated in the State of Uttar

The objects for which the company is established are:

  • To provide and spread primary, secondary & higher education by
    establishing and/or collaborating with schools, colleges, institutions,
    libraries, researchers in the education field in various places throughout
    India as well as outside India with a motive to render service to the public
    and especially to economically backward students.
  • To provide to the public and especially to economically backward students,
    all required extracurricular activities to enable them to excel in their studies,
    fine arts, to learn foreign languages, sports including indoor & outdoor games
    and to educate them in all possible manner for the furtherance of their basic
    human values and perform work of charity for those in need
    throughout India.
  • To address the educational needs of the senior citizens and women and to
    implement Women’s Education for the attainment of equal status
    of women in all aspects of social, political and economic development within
    the community and the nation at large and to conduct job oriented vocational
    training and seminars for senior citizens.


To work towards creating a better nation by helping deprived citizens and bringing about sustainable changes in their lives through education.

About Us

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